No refund available. As we are giving a free trial option to check if the card/service is working fine and satisfactory. Therefore we do not offer any refund.


In case the amount is paid to the franchisee, the customer needs to contact the franchisee only for any refund or cancellation. We cannot help you in that case.


For the white label franchisee there is no refund available


In the white label franchisee if any amount is pending after the website is live and if it is not paid within the given time and date then the account may be put on hold..

So will try to resolve the issues as soon as possible but the amount will not be refundable.


We will revise and modify all these terms and conditions and policies from time to time as per the regulatory requirements of the Government organizations and in line with the international standards. So kindly go through the terms and conditions from time to time if you are a continuous user.

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